• Practical Lessons
    Studying Science
    Investigating our World
  • Rigorous Content
    Challenging Students
    to Meet High Expectations
  • Project-Based
    Students Work Together
    and Create
  • Pro-Academic
    Students Encourage
    One Another to Learn

Welcome to Astronomy!

August 2017

Madagascar Solar Cooker

Welcome to the newest class at Reed-- Astronomy! We are really excited to offer this class for the 2017-2018 school year! We plan to start by learning about what we can easly see from earth then working our way into deep space! If you haven't already doneso, picking up a planisphere (star wheel) would be a good idea-- here is a link to buy one. See you out there!

Honors Biology Begins!

August 2017

Welcome to Honors Biology! We are planning on hitting the ground running this year as we launch into our Scinetific Inquiry unit. We will be investigating scientific thinking and problem-solving as we attempt to maximize yeilds of varried species of microorganisms. Check here for a course description.