Unit Overview Assignments
Lab Safety & Scientific Inquiry

August & September

Our introductory unit will remind us of the principles of scientific inquiry as well as population dynamics and needs of living things, After a short review of the scientific process, we will attempt to raise fruit flies as we test variables and attempt to maximize their numbers.

Ecology & Biological Processes

October & November

All living things have some energy and needs as well as ways to gain and keep energy. In this unit, we will explore the requirements and characteristics of living things as well as the processes and structures that living things share.

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January & February

Thanks to discoveries by Mendel, Watson and Crick that have been furthered over past decades, we have a strong understanding of the language of life, genetics. We will study the principles of genetics through simulations and breeding of salamanders in this introduction to one of biology's most dynamic modern fields.

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Evolution & Diversity

March & April

Evolution by natural selection is the driving force behind the vast array of diversity we see on our planet today. We will use computer simulations and engineering anaogies to understand how this process works, evaluate the evidence for it, and farmiliarize ourselves with many of the planet's diverse kingdoms.

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Human Impact

May & June

We impact the biological community we are a part of. Im some ways, our impact is positive. In countless others, as we consume ever more resources, we are competing with other organisms for energy and space as we alter the environment. In our final unit we will explore our impact and strive to find ways that we may mitigate it.

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